Grounded in tradition

Our locally crafted food products reflect the Malvani way of life. At MoM, we only use the freshest native produce. This ensures every product is packed with nutrition, flavour and tradition.

Come join us on this journey!


The best of Konkan on your plate

Food is more than just a meal; it's a language that connects us to our past, our memories and our heritage. At Chaitanya Malvani, we’ve served Mumbai with authentic dishes from Malvan, for over a decade. With MoM, we’re coming a step closer to your doorstep.

We are here to bring authentic Malvani food and ingredients right from the coastal belt to your doorstep.

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    Artisanal Masala The in-house Chaitanya masala is a mix of 24 spices lovingly roasted and pound for the perfect balance of heat, colour and flavour. Infused with aromatic oils and incredibly versatile to use, this Masala is only custom-made on order.

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    Coastal Bites Malvanis love their snacks. But along with the taste, they place a premium on nutrition as well. Our selection of snacks are all old-age recipes and use superfoods like coconut, peanuts, jaggery, black sesame. Snack away without any guilt!

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    Heirloom Flours Our Heirloom Flours are healthy and delicious additions to traditional refined flours. Made from a mixture of whole grains, millets, seeds & pulses, these vegan and Gluten-free alternatives help you stay fuller for longer.

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    Instant Malvan Our Instant Malvan ready-to-cook mixes transport you to the heart of Malvan. Perfect for everyone from a novice to a professional, anyone can recreate the taste they love, from their own kitchens in a matter of minutes. Perfect for vegans & vegetarians too!

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    Malvani Comfort We are your one-stop shop for fortified and natural products that are an indispensable part of every Malvani pantry. Explore our wide collection of products and stock-up on locally sourced seasonal goodness.

Recommendations from foodies

Malvan is my home and having moved to the city, I always craved authentic Malvani food. When I tried MOM's Artisanal Masala, it was like someone had served me a plate straight out of my grandmother's kitchen. I am so glad to have discovered a brand that is really what it says.

Kshitija Malvankar, Food Blogger

If you want to cook true Malvani food without any effort, then MOM's Instant Masalas are your perfect choice. I tried both the chicken and fish variants and they turned out delicious. The best part was it had that signature Malvani taste that's quite hard to find elsewhere. Would definitely recommend everyone to try it.

Ashwini Pednekar, Student

To experience the signature Malvani flavour in packaged snacks is really amazing! The Coastal Bites are tasty, filling, and really different from your regular snacks. Must try!

Omkar Palav, General Manager

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