Celebrate Sundays with Malvani Chicken!

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Celebrate Sundays with Malvani Chicken!

Elevate Your Sundays with Authentic Malvani Chicken!

Sundays are meant for relaxation, family time, and of course, indulging in delicious food. In many Malvani households, chicken is the preferred dish for Sundays, while fish is a daily staple. However, this tradition has evolved, with chicken now being relished throughout the week.

What is Malvani Chicken?

Malvani Chicken is a traditional dish from the Malvan region of Maharashtra, India. Known for its rich, roasted coconut flavors, this dish requires a unique paste called WATAN, made from roasted coconut and onion. Unlike many other recipes, tomatoes are not used in Malvani Chicken. The secret to its exceptional taste lies in freshly ground Garam Masala and the essential Malvani Masala—a blend of chili powder and whole spices.

Discover Our Artisanal Malvani Masala

For those who love cooking from scratch, finding the perfect Malvani Masala is crucial. Our Artisanal Malvani Masala is the ideal choice for authentic flavors. But if you prefer a quicker option without compromising on taste, we have just what you need.

Introducing Malvani Chicken Spice Mix – Your Secret Ingredient!

Recreate the authentic flavors of Malvani Chicken at home with our specially crafted Malvani Chicken Spice Mix. This blend, also known as Dry Watan, combines roasted coconut, onion, ginger-garlic, and premium Malvani Masala. It eliminates the need for grating coconut, roasting it, or chopping onions, making it perfect even for kitchen beginners.

Make Your Sunday Special

Ready to elevate your Sunday meal? Purchase our Malvani Chicken Spice Mix today and enjoy the authentic taste of Malvani cuisine effortlessly. Impress your family and friends with this delectable dish, perfectly paired with simple Laadi Paav, Chapati, or Piping Hot Rice.

Spice Up Your Sundays

Order now and bring the authentic taste of Malvani Chicken to your kitchen. Spice up your Sundays with the perfect blend of tradition and convenience!  Malvani Chicken Spice Mix