Mother O’ Malvan

Oh Malvan!

A land of prosperity by the Arabian sea, brought to glory and riches by none other than the supreme commander Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj!

The etymology of the term Malvan, stems from the Marathi term Maadbun, an allusion to the coconut palm rows that dot the salt-pan region of Maharashtra's southern coast... Malvan as we call it today, is a disambiguation of the archaic term that was used to denote this patch of the seaside with swaying and whistling palms ...

As a family with a long-standing passion for food, we take great pride in our heritage. Our grandfather's innovative spirit and love for food were evident in our family's food business and the small snacks and treats we used to make as kids. These same treats have now become part of our repertoire at Mother O' Malvan.

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If you’ve tried our restaurants, you’ve tried all our masalas. Chaitanya Assal Malvani Bhojangruh, Malvan & Mumbai and Nav Chaitanya, Andheri

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