• Kokum Nectar (1.8 kg)

    Malvani Comfort

    We are your one-stop shop for fortified and...

  • Malvani Chicken Spice Mix (80 Gm)

    Instant Malvan

    Amidst life's busy pace, we often yearn for...

  • Malvani Vade Flour (250 Gm)

    Heirloom Flours

    Taste of nostalgia and the goodness of nutritions...

  • Malvani Khaja (100 gm)

    Coastal Bites

    Simplicity Satisfies! Embark on a mouthwatering journey with...

  • Malvani Chicken Spice Mix (80 gm)


  • Artisanal Malvani Masala (200 gms)

    Artisanal Masala

    If a meal is a body then Masala...

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