The Kokum Nectar Story: Reviving a Childhood Delight

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The Kokum Nectar Story: Reviving a Childhood Delight


As a small child, I vividly remember visiting Mhapan’s ajji’s House. Her house had a charming backyard, we called it "खळं." It was during those summer days that ajji would set out the Kokum Jars to make her special syrup, letting them soak up the sun's warmth. The captivating scent of kokum filled the air, leaving an indelible impression on my young mind. And when ajji would doze off in the afternoon, us kids couldn't resist the temptation to sneak a taste of those sweet-and-sour kokum berries. It was a delightful and mischievous adventure, as those berries surpassed any toffees we had ever known. Their heavenly aroma became etched in my memory, lingering year after year.

The Vanishing Tradition:

With the rise of factory-made kokum syrups, the homemade version gradually faded into obscurity. Determined to bring back that cherished taste and share it with those who truly appreciate it, the Sunkissed Kokum Nectar Project was born. Last year, in the summer of 2022, we embarked on a pilot project to commercially produce homemade kokum syrup, just like the one ajji made in Mhapan. Our journey of research and discovery began, and it was not without its challenges.

Lessons Learned:

To create this syrup, we realized it had to be made at the source. Our initial batch of kokum berries, ordered to Mumbai, unfortunately turned out to be rotten. It was a setback, but it taught us valuable lessons about the product itself, packaging, and more. We understood that if we were to make this syrup, we had to be involved in every step, starting from the harvest.

Returning to the Roots:

Returning to Malvan, we sought out the expertise of women like Mrs. Padma Talawdekar, Mrs. Sayli Teli from Mhapan, Vengurla, and Mrs. Pragati Desai from Degwe, Sawantwadi. They graciously agreed to be part of our venture, making this syrup for us. In March, we conducted training sessions on hygiene, care, and other essential aspects. Finally, in May, the time came for the crucial step of filling the jars.

Nature's Time:

The harvesting season for Ratambe, also known as kokum berries, varies from region to region. These precious berries were carefully sun-cured for 12-13 days, allowing their flavors to intensify. And thus, the extraordinary Kokum Nectar was brought to life once again.


The Kokum Nectar Project is not just about reviving a childhood memory; it's about preserving tradition, empowering local communities, and honoring the incredible artisans we call the Kokumkanyas. With every jar of this artisanal syrup, we aim to transport you back to the enchanting forests of Sindhudurg, where the true essence of kokum resides. We invite you to experience the magical combination of sweet and sour, to savor the heavenly aroma, and to join us in celebrating this authentic and pure Kokum Nectar.